Perfect Timing

I shared this with my team and fellow coaches today. I totally believe that things are placed in your life at the right time. If you need a positive change, I have the tribe for you! Sneak peek into our team is coming up on Monday!

I just have to share this…
This morning I went to a Reintegration Training that was put on for spouses/families in preparation of my husband’s unit returning from deployment.  They basically discussed the adjustments, struggles and things to prepare for as the Soldiers return. Believe it or not, as much as it’s a happy time when they return, it can be a time of struggle for many families. It’s not an event, it’s a process.
I never would have imagined how much the strategies and suggestions discussed lined up with things I’ve learned through coaching. The focusing on gratitude, developing routines and structure, finding things to help decompress and destress, communication strategies and overall life skills that can make the adjustment easier when they come home…I’ve gained so much of it through personal development. I would have never started reading books on personal development if I hadn’t started this business.
I couldn’t imagine where I’d be after these back-to-back 9 month deployments if I hadn’t had the positive impact of coaching. I know that I would have survived, but I know I would have had more struggle, I’m sure I would have made a big deal over the little things and I would not have the mindset that I do now.
The business is not just about fitness or a shake. It’s life changing. I’m so happy that I saw the value in diving into this whole coaching thing.

The picture may not have to do with the post, but everyone needs a dose of baby cuteness sometimes!😂. This was Hadley during the training.