Sunday Funday!

I love to use Sundays to prepare for the workweek. Do I always do it?  No!  I despise that feeling of driving home from work and having no idea what I am going  to fix for dinner. I also hate that feeling of fixing lunches and barely having anything ready. I eat a bunch of snacks that next day but then I’m starving by mid-afternoon!

Now that the pregnancy nauseousness has subsided and I’m feeling more like myself, it’s time to get prepared!  I bumped up a calorie bracket due to the pregnancy. Many of my breakfasts and snacks are the same to save in planning and time. I added vegetable egg cups in the mornings because I’ve been waking up SO hungry!  So here’s the plan…



I went to the store and started by getting  my son’s lunch done since it’s the easiest. Turkey wraps with a side of pickles so he can add them later.  I’ll also add applesauce, yogurt, fresh fruit and fresh veggies to his lunch when I pack it.


Next up, my midmorning snack- Greek yogurt, homemade granola and fresh fruit. I make Homemade Granola from the FIXATE cookbook in bulk and separate it out into smaller portions.img_6057

I put Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup into the crockpot.  I know that it’s not on the meal plan until Saturday but I’m going to freeze it in portions so I’ll likely get 4-5 meals out of it.  I’ll just have to defrost one on Saturday.


Next, Turkey Chili which is dinner for tonight/lunch for tomorrow.  Awhile back, I browned a ton of ground turkey and just froze it.  I prepared every other ingredient for the turkey chili and just added the cooked turkey.  It’s simmering on the stove as we speak!


Vegetable Egg Cups!  Such a perfect, easy breakfast!  There are so many variations that you can make.  I added turkey bacon (which I cooked in the oven as I was preparing the chili and crockpot soup), peppers, onions, mushrooms, sea salt and pepper.  Here are some great suggestions! 21 Day Fix Egg Cups



As I prepped and cooked everything else, I went ahead and chopped extra veggies and put them into containers.  It helps so much to have these washed, cut and ready to stick into lunches.  I also washed fruit and have them ready to grab and go too!

Speaking of veggies, Red Pepper Hummus was probably the easiest, quickest thing to make.  I just added everything and blended it right up!  I doubled the recipe from the Core De Force eating plan booklet.


Before I froze the flank steaks that I bought, I went ahead and added the marinade.  Dumped everything in the bag and done!  Freezing it for later in the week and for another time down the road  I went ahead and used the same marinade on the steaks for the Beef and Broccoli recipe which is tomorrow’s dinner. I have that in the fridge ready to cook. Here’s the recipe for the Ginger Soy Flank Steak! Ginger Soy Flank Steakimg_6065

The last thing that I did was Chicken and Black Bean Burrito Salad in a Mason Jar.  LOVE having these for quick and easy dinners/lunches!  So healthy and filling too!

Here’s the recipe!


Whew! Now I know you’re wondering…”Did you spend ALL day doing all of this?!?!”.  Of course not!  In all honestly, it took me 3 hours and that includes time to do dishes and return my kitchen totally back to normal!  Sure it was 3 hours, but well worth it considering the amount of time I am going to save throughout the week when I have a dinner plan and lunches done!

Need more info about meal prep or advice on the best plan for you?  Just ask!

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