Darn elf…

Funny story…
So my mother-in-law had an elf at her house and she thought that she could send the elf to Jeff while he’s deployed. Jeff has been so good with making the Elf on the Shelf entertaining for the kids so we figured that we could pretend that our elf flew there to visit Jeff and help him put up his small Christmas tree that we sent him. Jeff could then either take pictures of the elf doing other things or we could just have him “fly” back here and I could set him up at our house.
Jeff sent us the first picture of the elf over there decorating his tree. I said “Look, Brayden! Percy went over to visit and helped Daddy decorate.”
Brayden took one look at the picture and said, “That’s not Percy. That elf has different ears and his eyes are different.” 😳
Seriously, child….
So now Percy’s friend is with Daddy and I’m stuck with this damn elf…


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