Am I crazy?!

You know when you have a big event whether it’s crunch time to get in shape before Spring Break or a to-do list a mile long before family comes to visit?

We’re in crunch time till the time that Jeff FINALLY comes home!!
I know he doesn’t care if the house is clean, if the laundry is put away or really anything related to the house, but it makes me feel better to be organized. I want him to come home to “home” as he knows it. I want him to be able to come home and not have to worry about a thing except squeezing those kids and getting as much quality time with family as possible. I want to be able to focus on him when he gets home.

It’s not feasible to get everything done that’s running through my mind, but that’s ok!

The little things make a big difference sometimes and tonight….
The kitchen drawers got reorganized!

I’m taking one room at a time. When you focus on the big picture, it’s overwhelming.

Am I the only crazy one? Clearly Lucy thinks I’m crazy!!


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